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Mhlehri Aih's Fiction Writing Quarterly Challenge!

Stories that demand life and light.

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I am mhlehri_aih, Published poet, novelist. I am a selective fangirl.
Welcome to my challenge!
Are you tired of reading the same old thing on fanfiction sites?
Are you tired of reading things that are barely spellchecked with horrible grammar?
I am.

Here's the challenge:
I am offering a prize of $50.00usd to a top story.
Whoever can write a piece of fanfiction that evokes a strong emotion when read.
Any kink/squick/pairing is allowed.

Every Four months there will be a winner chosen and all entries will be archived.

First Prize:$50.00 usd and a web banner/animated gif.
Second Prize: $10.00 and a web banner/animated gif.
Third Prize: a web banner/animated gif.
All who participate will receive an honorable mention banner/animated gif.

Warnings and conditions:
I am not asking for yaoi only, yuri is allowed

All submissions will be approved by a trusted coworker before I decide the winner.
If you are the decided winner I ask that you have a paypal account to receive winnings.
Poetry and prose is allowed if it is at least 200 words.
We are going for content.
There are users on livejournal who can vouch for my honesty and devouring need to read things that are worthy of being read.
After all what do you have to lose?

I do not claim any rights to your writing. I will not be able to get you published or give you any kind of entertainment movie deals. I am here strictly to enjoy reading other people's views on fanfiction.

As things posted to this community may be graphic in nature, discretion is advised. All entries will be screened before I post them.

It is requested that anyone who posts to this challenge also leave feedback for others who answered my challenge.


Doll Photostories will be allowed entry, provided the word count is at least 200.


NEW maintainer!! dreaming_desire :)